Why Church Partnerships Really Matter in Detroit


“The homey aroma of soup fills a narrow hallway stacked with shelves of bread and crates of potatoes, as Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship begins another day of feeding whoever comes.

Associate pastor Janine McLatcher stirs a pot of sausage-lentil soup in the lunch room, enough for the two dozen seniors she expects in a couple hours at her suburban Detroit church.

“They make me do soup,” McLatcher says cheerfully in her bright orange apron. “If I do anything different they don’t like it.”

Out in the hall, Patricia Johnson leans on a cane as she fills two big bags with groceries for herself and two sisters. Five knee surgeries hobble her, but she’s the only one who can drive to this little church in working-class Warren on Detroit’s northern border…” Read The Full Article

Source : Christianity Today

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