“Imagine you are a Christian leader in Nigeria. For many years you have worked tirelessly to encourage Christians, evangelize to non-believers and serve as you felt led.

You carry the burden of exhaustion because you have had to do all of this with limited resources. The violence against Christians in recent years has only added to this heavy load. Though there are wonderful accounts of former persecutors coming to Christ, there have also been reports of people merely acting like they had become Christians, so they could infiltrate the church and attack Christians when their ‘guards were down.’

Usman is a Christian leader who faces this very dilemma. He is from Northern Nigeria and has experienced many trials in his lifetime.

Looking at him, you can tell that he is weary. The lines on his face and the tiredness in his eyes show that he is worn down by all the trials he has faced. His stoic voice adds to the resigned image that he portrays…” Read more>>

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