We are so thankful for our associates in Moldova, Mike and Olga, who continue to combat human trafficking while we are itinerating. They visit high schools, trade schools and orphanages presenting our program, The Mask of Reality. It is a preventive program bringing awareness to young girls and boys about the dangers of human trafficking. Some school principals gather their students in the auditorium for the event while others allow Mike and Olga to go from classroom to classroom throughout the day to present the program. The reactions of the students range from familiarity to shock. Those who slump in their chairs with a grin on their faces are those who are familiar with human trafficking, and may even have encountered it at some point or know someone who is in a situation similar to those we talk about during our program. The students who seem to have never heard that such things happen in their country can be identified by the apparent disbelief on their faces. The third group is made up of those who are connecting the dots as we speak and are hit with the terrifying realization of what has likely happened to some of their friends. Often, they are anxious to ask questions at the end of the program.
The importance of us being able to continue ministry to the students is crucial at this time in the history of this third-world country that is fighting between being reclaimed by the Russians or aligning themselves with the European Union. Please pray for Mike and Olga as they continue the anti-trafficking efforts we have started in Moldova. And pray for us that our itineration will wrap up quickly and we can return to continue to the work God has given us. Saving young boys and girls from being trafficked–that’s our mandate
AdiVali 1B

John Valerii & Adriana Lungu, Founders and Missionaries to Moldova

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