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The Southern Baptist S(p)ending Crunch

“The missions agency of the largest US Protestant denomination faces a $21 million deficit. Could it spell the end of the fulltime missionary? avid Platt makes no small plans. When the 36-year-old pastor and Radical book author became president of … Continue reading

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Why Muslims Are Becoming the Best Evangelists

“…In Algeria, after 100,000 died in Muslim-on-Muslim violence, 10,000 Muslims turned their backs on Islam and were baptized as followers of Christ. This movement has tripled since the late 1990s. At the time of the 1979 revolution in Iran, about … Continue reading

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Why Church Partnerships Really Matter in Detroit

“The homey aroma of soup fills a narrow hallway stacked with shelves of bread and crates of potatoes, as Lord of the Harvest Christian Fellowship begins another day of feeding whoever comes. Associate pastor Janine McLatcher stirs a pot of … Continue reading

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